The winner of the May edition of the Košice Weekend without a deal is Michal Panek, who performed the best among 169 entries and takes home a reward of €4,707 from Banco Casino Košice, including a €175 ticket to the GPC 100.000€ GTD!

7:04 2. place - Kerky - 2.781€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD

In very last hand Panek minraises and Kerky pays. Flop K-8-4 cbets Panek 300k, Kerky raises to 700k and Panek jams 6,2m effective that Kerky called with K5o. Panek holds A8o, but turn 8 and blank river ends today´s tournament.

Panek: A8o
Kerky: K5o

Board: K-8-4-8-7

6:55 Double for Kerky

3,4m jams with pocket tens and Panek pays with K8o. Board 7-6-3-3-Q means that Kerky continues.

Level 27: 125,000 - 250,000 / 250,000, avg. 8,450,000, ent.: 2/169

6:41 Panek doubles

Panek minraises and Kerky called. Flop J-T-9 cbets Panek 700k and Kerky jams 6,1m effective that Panek called with T8o, but needs to improve against J2o. Turn A changes nothing, but after Q on the river is Panek big chipleader.

Panek: T8o
Kerky: J2o

Board: J-T-9-A-Q

6:38 We're even

A few smaller pots towards Panek and both have about the same stack.

6:25 Heads up:

Kerky - 11,3m
Panek - 5,6m

6:24 3. place - Pater Sorin - 1.818€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD

Pater moves all in 1m from sb with J6o and Kerky on bb called with A2o. After blank board Pater ends.

Pater: J6o
Kerky: A2o

Board: K-T-5-T-4

6:20 4. place - Mazurek Krzysztof - 1.374€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD

Mazurek moves all in 650k that Kerky on sb called with J♥ 8♥. Mazurek holds K6o, but 8 on the river eliminates him.

Mazurek: K6o
Kerky. J8s

Board: Q-7-3-A-8

6:15 Stacks: 

Kerky - 7,4m
Pater - 2,1m
Mazurek - 1,1m
Panek - 6,1m

Level 26: 100,000 - 200,000/ 200,000, avg. 4,225,000, ent.: 4/169


Break 10 minút


6:00 5. place - Tociková Lenka - 1.112€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD

In first hand Tociková moves all in from utg and Pater on bb with 565k called with J♦ T♦. Tociková holds Q♥ J♥, but flop brings flushdraw for Pater that he completes on the river and doubles up. Board 6♦ 6♣ 2♦ 6♠ 7♦. In next hand Pater jams 550k effective from sb with A9o and Tociková pays with pair of eights. Flop gives a lead to Pater and after turn and river without 8 Tociková ends. Board: K-T-9-A-J

5:57 Mazurek hits 3 outs

695k gets into game on bb with K3s and needs to hit 3outs against 44 under Pater´s hand. Flop changes nothing, but K on the turn holds Mazurek in the tournament.

Mazurek: K3s
Pater: 44

Board: A-9-5-K-5

5:55 6. place - Tamaškovič Vladimír - 898€

Kerky raises from the sb and Tamaškovič called on bb. Flop 9♥ 7♥ 3♥ cbets Kerky 500k and Tamaškovič jams 2m that Kerky snaps with 8♥ 6♥. Tamaškovič holds Q♣ 7♣ and after turn K♦ ends.

Tamaškovič: Q7s
Kerky: 8♥ 6♥

Board: 9♥ 7♥ 3♥ K♦ 7♦

5:50 Stacks:

Tamaškovič - 3m
Panek - 5,5m
Mazurek - 850k
Pater - 1,3m
Točiková - 1,2m
Kerky - 5,2m

Level 25: 80,000 - 160,000 - 160,000, avg. 2,816,667, ent.: 6/169

5:33 Split pot

Kerky raises to 260k from sb and Tamaškovič on bb called. Flop T-9-2 cbets Kerky 300k and Tamaškovič jams 2,1m that Kerky pays with T3o, but needs to hit against JTo, but after turn Q and river 2 players split this pot.

5:29 Točiková doubles up

1m stack gets into game with A7 and was dominated by Kerky with AK. However flop 6-5-4 brings more outs for her, turn 3 gives her a lead and afte A on the river doubles up.

Točiková: A7
Kerky: AK

Board: 6-5-4-3-A

5:20 Easy double

Mazurek opens to 250k that called Kerky and also Panek on bb. Flop A♥ T♠ 4♣ cbets Mazurek 400k and after call by Kerky, Panek moves all in 2m. Mazurek folds and Kerky called with A♣ 7♣, but Mazurek holds A♦ T♦ and after blank turn and T on the river doubles up.

Panek: ATs
Kerky: A7s

Board: A-T-4-K-T

5:10 Big game for Kerky

Mazurek raises and Kerky 3bets from sb that Mazurek pays. Flop T♠ 8♦ 4♣ Kerky cbets 400k that gets called, turn 9♠ same action for 1m and on the river K♣ Kerky jams 2m effective. Mazurek thinks for a while but folds his cards and Kerky shows him A5o. After that hand Kerky rises on 8m stack.

Level 24: 60,000 - 120,000 / 120,000, avg. 2,816,667, ent.: 6/169

4:58 7. place - Nowinski Piotr - 729€

Nowinski gets his last 4bb into game on bb with KQo, but against A3o under Pater´s hand didn´t find help on the board.

Nowinski: KQo
Pater: A3o

Board: T-3-2-7-T

4:49 8. place - Sloma Julian - 588€

Mazurek jams 500k effective from sb with QTo and Sloma on bb called with J6o. Blank board eliminates also Sloma.

Sloma: J6o
Mazurek: QTo

Board: 8-2-2-A-A

4:45 9. place - Kuz Dawid - 471€

Kuz moves all in 520k from utg with KQo and Pater rejams 680k with AJo. Board without K or Q eliminates Kuz from the tournament.

Kuz: KQo
Pater: AJo

Board: T-8-5-6-T

4:40 Kerky on chiplead 

He opens from utg and Pater joined from sb. Flop Q♠ 9♥ 6♠ cbets Kerky 175k that Pater pays, turn 8♦ same action and on the river Q♣ Kerky asks for 1,125,000. Pater thinks for a while and than called, but mucks his cards when Kerky shows AQs. After this hand Kerky rises on 4,8m stack.

Level 23: 50,000 - 100,000 / 100,000, avg. 1,877,778, ent.: 9/169

4:30 Double pre Kerkyho

He opened the hand with a raise to 165k and Kuz 3bets to 350k, which Kerky called. A flop of J♠ T♠ 6♠ cbets Kuz 300k, which gets paid, but on the turn 7♠ Kerky sends 580k and Kuz calls with JJ. But Kerky turns over a flush A♦ 9♠ and doubles on the river after 3♣.

Kerky: A♦ 9♠
Kuz: JJ

Board: J♠ T♠ 6♠ 7♠ 3♣

4:14 Kuz doubles

Pater raises to 175k and Kuz from blind jams 735k that Pater called with Q♦ J♦. Kuz holds ATo, hit ace on the flop and after turn doubles up.

Pater: QJs
Kuz: ATo

Board: A-5-3-9-K

4:10 Panek defended

Mazurek starts the game with minraise and Panek defends bb. Fl,op K♣ T♥ 3♦ Panek calls 225k cbet, also second barrel 500k on the turn K♥ and river 4♠ was checked. Panek shows T♦ 2♦ what was enough to win this pot.

Level 22: 40,000 - 80,000 / 80,000, avg. 1,877,778, ent.: 9/169


Break 10 minutes



3:33 10. place - Rišian Adam - 354€

Rišian sends 425k all in with queens and Kuz calls from the small blind with A♥ 5♥. On the flop he manages to hit 1 of his 3 outs and after a blank runoff Rišian falls to the last blind, which he loses on the next hand.

Rišian: QQ
Kuz: A5s

Board. A-J-2-7-8

3:25 11. place - Beluš Domink - 354€

Beluš was in game against Mazurek on the turn Q-T-4-J, where action was made. After series of raises Beluš moves all in 1,4m stack that Mazurek snaps with straight 98o. Beluš holds KQo and after blank river ends.

Beluš: KQo
Mazurek: 98o

Board: Q-T-4-J-2

12. place - Hanzen Samuel - 287€

Level 21: 30,000 - 60,000 / 60,000, avg. 1,408,333, ent.:12/169

3:19 13. place - Meszáros Laszlo - 287€

After a 125k opener and a call from Mazurek, Meszaros sends 600k from the blind, which Mazurek snap calls with JJ after the fold. Meszáros flips A-Qs and after a flop of A-7-3 he is in the lead, but the turn J and river 2 ends his journey through the tournament.

Meszáros: AQs
Mazurek: JJ

Board: A-7-3-J-2

3:15 Big double for Tamaškovič

Beluš started the hand with a raise to 150k and after Tamaškovič called, Mazurek 3bets to 525k from the blind. Beluš folds and Tamaškovič calls after a while. On a flop of Q-Q-5 Mazurek sends 435k effective, which Tamaškovič snaps and turns over K-Qs. Mazurek holds J-J and after a blank runoff, Tamaškovič doubles up.

Tamaškovič: KQs
Mazurek: JJ

Board: Q-Q-5-A-Q

3:00 14. place - Stupár Stanislav - 287€

Stupar min-raises and Panek joins in from the button. A flop of Q-8-3 cbet 125k from Stupar, which Panek called. Turn T after the check Panek bets 250k and Stupar check shoves 800k, which Panek snaps and turns TT. Stupar holds KK and after the 2 an river he ends.

Stupár: KK
Panek: TT

Board: Q-8-3-T-2

Level 20: 25,000 - 50,000 / 50,000, avg. 1,207,143, ent.: 14/169

15. place - Kosla Damian - 251€

2:52 17. place - Sirotňák Vladimír - 251€, 16. place - Illes Zsigmond - 251€

Mazurek opened to 100k and after calls from Illes and Tamaškovič, Sirotňák sends 405k from the blind. Mazurek repushes 1.1m and Illes calls with a stack of 700k. In the showdown, Illes holds QJs, Sirotňák KK and Mazurek 66, who manages to hit 2 outs on the flop, eliminating a pair of players.

Illes: QJs
Sirotňák: KK
Mazurek: 66

Board: 9-7-6-5-3

2:45 Pater takes from Kerky

Pater min raises and Kerky 3bets to 200k, which Pater calls. Flop Q♣ J♥ 2♠ cbets Kerky 175k, which gets paid, but on the turn K♦ after a second bet of 325k, Pater jams all in 1.2m effective. Kerky thinks for a while longer, but throws his cards away.

2:32 Bubble boy - Kot Kamil

Kot opened to 85k and Beluš joined in from the small blind. A flop of T♣ 8♣ 7♣ was without action, on the turn Q♦ Beluš bets 110k and Kot sends 305k all in behind the line, which Beluš snaps with 77 but needs to pair the board against A♣ J♣. This comes in the form of 8♠ and so all players are itm.

Angle: A♣ J♣
Belushi: 77

Board: T♣ 8♣ 7♣ Q♦ 8♠


2:18 Hand For Hand

Mroz got the last 160k into the game with AKo and Kerky called with A3o. Kerky manages to hit a three-outer and we continue the tournament in the hfh phase.

Kerky: A3o
Mroz: AKo

Board: Q-J-3-5-4

2:17 Nowinski doubles

Meszáros opened to 80k and Nowinski defended the bb. On a flop of T-7-2 the players are all in for 380k and we see KTs on Meszáros's hand in the showdown, but Nowinski turns ATo and doubles after a blank turn and river.

Nowinski: ATo
Meszaros: KTs

Board: T-7-2-Q-3

Level 19: 20,000 - 40,000 / 40,000, avg. 889,474, ent.: 19/169

2:03 Gets through...

Hanzen started the hand with a min-raise from HJ, which Beluš joined in from the small blind. Flop Q♥ 5♣ 4♥ cbets Hanzen 45k, to which Belus responds with a check raise to 90k. Hanzen thinks for a moment and reraises to 185k, which Beluš pays. The turn T♥ slows the action and on the river K♠ after a check Hanzen bets 275k. Beluš folds after a while and Hanzen turns over A9o.

1:59 Jarosz ends

Sloma opens from utg and Jarosz sends all in from bb for about 300k, which Sloma snap calls with queens. Jarosz turns A4o, flop 9-5-3 brings extra outs, but turn 9 and river 4 knock him out of the tournament.

Sloma: QQ
Jarosz: A4o

Board: 9-5-3-6-4

1:50 Kuglis busted

Kerky opens the button and Kuglis sends about 370k from the blind behind the line, which Kerky snap calls easily with pocket aces on his hand. Kuglis turns AT, flop J-T-2 gives him a little hope, turn Q also for a split, but the river Q is his last card of the tournament.

Kerky: AA
Kuglis: ATo

Board: J-T-2-Q-Q

Level 18: 15,000 - 30,000 / 30,000, avg. 734,738, ent.: 23/169

1:28 Sirotňák doubles up

Meszáros started the hand with a min-raise from the button, which was joined by Beluš on the small and Sirotňák on the bb. A flop of T♣ 9♠ 3♣ was checked, turn 3♠ bets Beluš 80k and Sirotňák moves all in 335k, which after a fold Beluš calls with K9o, but Sirotňák turns over J3s and doubles after a 6 on the river.

Sirotňák: J3s
Beluš: K9o

Board: T-9-3-3-6

1:25 Flip also for Hanzen

He sends 160k from the CO with A♣ Q♣ and Meszáros calls with pocket nines from the blind. Hanzen manages to hit a Q right on the flop and doubles up after the turn and river without 9.

Hanzen: AQs
Meszáros: 99

Board: Q-4-3-T-7

1:20 Flip for Slávik

Slávik finds himself in preflop all in for 300k with a pair of 44s against Stupár's AJo, who fails to improve his hand after a numerical board, giving Slávik a double up.

Slávik: 44
Stupár: AJo

Board: 9-3-2-3-3-4

Level 17: 10,000 - 25,000 / 25,000, avg. 704,167, ent.: 24/169

1:05 Beluš´s 3barrel

The game started Beluš with a minraise from utg, which Kotán joined in the position. Flop T♠ 8♥ 3♠ cbets Beluš 75k, which Kotan called. The turn 9♣ same action for 125k and so did the river K♦ for 125k. Beluš turns over K4o, which was enough to win the pot.

0:59 Double up for Kota as well

He jams from utg 170k stack with AJo and Szilagyi calls with KQs. A flop of Q-T-9 sends Szilagyi into the lead, but the turn 8 back to Kota, who continues after 2 on the river.

Kot: AJo
Szilagyi: KQs

Board: Q-T-9-8-2

0:50 Slávik doubles

Stupar min-raises from early position and Slavik calls on the bb. Flop A-K-9 Stupar sends 125k effective, which Slávik snaps with A8o. Stupar turns over QQ and after a turn 4 and river J, Slávik doubles up.

Nightingale: A8o
Stepper: QQ

Board: A-K-9-4-J

Level 16: 10,000 - 20,000 / 20,000, avg. 625,926, ent.: 27/169


Break 15 minutes


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0:15 2outs for Pater

Salamon openshoves for 191k from the ep with JJ and Pater calls with a pair of sevens. A third one in the window and a board with no J means Salamon is out.

Salamon: JJ
Pater: 77

Board: A-7-3-2-6

0:10 Kot doubles

Kerky opens to 35k from the button and Kot sends 161k over the line from the bb, which Kerky calls with K♣5♣. Kot turns over A7o, hits 7 on the flop and after a turn or river with no K, Kot doubles up.

Kot: A7o
Kerky: K5s

Board: Q-7-4-3-9

Level 15: 8,000 - 16,000 / 16,000, avg. 497,059. ent.: 34/169

23:48 Pot for Morimoto

He opened to 25k and 4 players joined in. A flop of K♣ T♣ 9♥ was checked to Chrobak on the button, who bets 50k, which only Morimoto pays. The turn T♥ the action repeated and on the river 2♣ Morimoto leads 50k. Chrobak thinks about it, but eventually folds.

23:40 Pot to Stupár

He started the hand with a min-raise from utg1 and Koščo defended the big blind. Flop Q♦ 6♥ 2♣ cbets Stupar 20k which gets paid, turn 4♠ brings no action and on the river 8♦ after a check Stupar asks for 115k. Koščo thinks for a moment and decides to call, but when Stupár turns over AA, Koščo mucks.

23:32 Minarík ends

Kerky min raises the button and Minarík sends 133k over the line from the bb, which Kerky calls with Q♦ 9♦. Minarik turns over A♦ 6♦, but Kerky hits a Q on the flop that holds until the river.

Kerky: Q9s
Minarík: A6s

Board: Q-8-6-K-T

Level 14: 6,000 - 12,000 / 12,000, avg. 422,500, ent.: 40/169

23:18 Nasty flop

Točiková found herself in preflop all in for 190k with a pair of kings against A♣ K♣ on Kota's hand. A flop of Q♠ J♣ 4♣ brings a combodraw for Kota, but both the turn 5♥ and river 7♠ keep Točiková in the game.

Točiková: KK
Kot: A♣ K♣

Board: Q♠ J♣ 4♣ 5♥ 7♠

23:15 Big double up for Beluš

The hand started with a raise to 31k and Farkas 3bet shoved 290k effective, which Beluš called with pocket tens and was ahead against the nines on Farkas' hand. After a board with no nines, Beluš doubles his stack.

Beluš: TT
Farkas: 99

Board: A-3-2-Q-8

23:05 Small flip for Kerky

He called Borowiec's 6 blind all in with AKo and needed to hit the board against queens, which he did right after the flop of A-T-7, and Borowiec is out.

Borowiec: QQ
Kerky: AKo

Board: A-T-7-2-6

Level 13: 5,000 - 10,000 / 10,000, avg. 344,898, ent.: 49/169

22:50 Karwanski out

Slowik opened to 18k from the ep and after a call from Stupár on the small blind, Karwanski sends 87k from the bb. Slowik folds after a while and Stupar calls with A♦ Q♦. Karwanski holds A5o, but after a turn that brings the nuts for Stupar, Karwanski is not helped by a 5 on the river.

Karwanski: A5o
Stupar: A♦ Q♦

Board: 6♣ 4♦ 2♦ 8♦ 5♥

22:45 Lucky river

Tamaškovic openshoves for 180k with AJo and Pluszar with a 150k stack calls with AQs. After the flop of A-Q-T, Tamaškovic needs to hit a K, which he does on the river and Pluszar ends.

Pluszar: AQs
Tamaškovic: A-Jo

Board: A-Q-T-5-K

22:35 Three outs on the river

Lelito got his 77k stack into game with a hand of A-Qs and was ahead against the ATo on Gorz's hand. After a K-8-3-7 on the turn it looks like a double up, but the river T sends Lelito out of the tournament.

Lelito: AQs
Gorz: ATo

Board: K-8-3-7-T

Level 12: 4,000 - 8,000 / 8,000, avg. 272,581, ent.: 62/169

22:20 Double for Koščo

Koščo gets his 87k stack into game preflop with combination AKo and Szollar on blind called with ATs. Board brings no help for Szollar, so Koščo continues in the tournament.

Koščo: AKo
Szollar: ATs

Board: A-7-4-Q-K

22:10 From too many to 0%

Panek raises to 15k and Točiková moves all in 55k that Panek called with AQo. Točiková holds pocket nines and flop K-T-T brings many outs for Panek, but turn 9 means double up for Točiková.

Točiková: 99
Panek: AQo

Board: K-T-T-9-4


1. 4.707€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD
2. 2.781€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD
3. 1.818€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD
4. 1.374€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD
5. 1.112€ including 175€ ticket on GPC 100.000€ GTD
6. 898€ 
7. 729€
8. 588€
9. 471€

10. - 11. 354€
12. - 14. 287€
15. - 17. 251€

Level 11: 3,000 - 6,000 / 6,000, avg. 231,507, ent.: 73/169


Break 30 minutes


21:19 Hustler also ends

He got his 66k stack in preflop with JJ, but Bartko found KK under his hand and called. A board without a J eliminates Hustler.

Hustler: JJ
Bartko: KK

Board: A-9-5-3-9

21:12 Emodi eliminates

After an open and a call from Emodi, Grinder sends 150k from the button behind the line. After a series of folds, the action goes to Emodi, who after a while calls with AQo and is ahead against AJs. The numerical board doesn't help Grinder and he ends for this time.

Emodi: AQo
Grinder: AJs

Board: T-8-6-7-2

21:05 Aces to the muck

Stelmach got his 50k stack into the game with A♣ 9♥, but Slowik found aces under his hand, so Stelmach needs a lot of help. The flop of 9♣ 6♣ 4♣ couldn't have been better for him and after a J♣ on the turn he celebrates double up.

Slowik: AA
Stelmach: A♣ 9♥

Board: 9♣ 6♣ 4♣ J♣ 2♠

Level 10: 2,500 - 5,000 / 5,000, avg. 208,219, ent.: 73/152

20:45 River keeps Pluszar in the tournament

After Morimoto opener and a call, Pluszar sends 67.5k over the line, Rubi calls from the blind with a 30k stack, and Morimoto calls as well. In the showdown we see A8s on Morimoto's hand, Rubi holds A6s and Pluszar KTo, who manages to hit a T on the river that keeps him in the tournament.

Morimoto: A8s
Rubi: A6s
Pluszar: KTo

Board: Q-7-3-9-T

20:40 Karwanski doubles through Minarík

Minarík started the hand with a minraise, Karwanski 3bets to 30k and Minarík moves all in 85k effective, which Karwanski calls. Minarik turns over QQ, but Karwanski holds KK and celebrates with a double up after a no-Q board.

Minarík: QQ
Karwanski: KK

Board: T-8-5-2-4

20:35 Gocek crashed

After limp Gocek raises to 26k and Renecki moves all in 75k that Gocek pays with pocket tens. However Renecki finds aces under his hand and doubles up after board without T.

Renecki: AA
Gocek: TT

Board: 9-6-4-2-Q

Level 9: 2,500 - 5,000 / 5,000, avg. 188,889, ent.: 72/136

Tournament with 100.000€ GTD will take place 17.06. - 23.06.2024!!

20:20 Nice pot for Szollar

Mirka openshoves 21,5k that called Fabian on the button and also Szollar on bb. Flop 8♥ 5♥ 3♥ was checked, turn 4♥ bets Szollar 25k that Fabian pays and river 2♦ same action for 25k. In showdown Mirka holds A♣ 4♣, Fabian K♣ Q♥, but Szollar takes pot with K♥ Q♣.

Szollar: K♥ Q♣
Fabian: K♣ Q♥
Mirka: A♣ 4♣

Board: 8♥ 5♥ 3♥ 4♥ 2♦

20:05 River for Stefano

He was in game against Salamon on the flop K♥ 6♣ 3♣, where Salamon gets his 75k stack into game that called Stefano with flushdraw Q♣ J♣. Salamon holds K♣ J♥, turn 4♦ holds him, but river 8♣ completes flush for Stefano.

Salamon: K♣ J♥
Stefano: Q♣ J♣

Board: K♥ 6♣ 3♣ 4♦ 8♣

Level 8: 2,000 - 4,000 / 4,000, avg. 163,158, ent.: 76/124

19:45 Aces for Hanzen

He starts the game with minraise and after call Pastor 3bet jams 67,5k from the button with A9o. Hanzen obviously called with AA and after blank board sends Pastor for reentry.

Hanzen: AA
Pastor: A9o

Board: K-7-3-J-K

Overlay still 8.500€!!! Late reg till 22:00!

19:35 Szanto with another elimination

This time Szanto ended up in preflop all in for 60k with combination AQo and against TT under Pluszar´s hand needs to hit board. Flop K-9-4 changes nothing, but A on the turn and blank river sends Pluszar for reentry.

Szanto: AQo
Pluszar: TT

Board: K-9-4-A-7

Level 7: 1,500 - 3,000 / 3,000, avg. 149,351, ent.: 77/115

19:17 Nowinski triples up

On the flop A♥ 3♠ 2♥ were three players in the game and after raises they ended up in all in. In showdown Morimoto holds A♦ 3♥, Illes A♣ 8♣ and Nowinski set of deuces. After turn Q♥ and river 4♦ Nowinski triples up 91,5k and Morimoto takes 120k side pot.

Nowinski: 22
Illes: A8s
Morimoto: A3o

Board: A-3-2-Q-4


19:05 Kotán for reentry

After five limps Kotán moves all in 37,5k from bb that only Szanto decides to call with 7♦ 6♦ and Kotán holds AQo. Flop J♠ 8♦ 3♣ changes nothing, but turn 4♦ brings many outs for Szanto, who eliminates Kotán after 7♠ on the river.

Kotán: AQo
Szanto: 7♦ 6♦

Board: J♠ 8♦ 3♣ 4♦ 7♠

Level 6: 1,000 - 2,500 / 2,500, avg. 138,356, ent.: 73/101


Break 30 minutes


18:15 Double up for Martinček

Bartko starts the game with 5k from utg that called Chrobak, Hrubý, Zurawski and also Martinček on bb. Flop K♦ 4♥ 2♦ was checked to Zurawski on the button, who bets 5,5k and Martinček raises to 15k that called Chrobak and also Zurawski. Turn 3♥ continues Martinček for 29k and after fold Zurawski moves all in 50k that Martinček snaps with set of 22. Zurawski holds K♣ 6♣, but after 8♠ on the river ends for this time.

Martinček: 22
Zurawski: K6s

Board: K-4-2-3-8

18:10 Classic flip

Stupár opens and after call, Wzorek from bb moves all in 50,5k. Stupár rejams and after folds shows Q♦ Q♣. Wzorek holds A♦ K♥ and after flop K♦ 9♦ 7♦ Stupár needs to hit queen, but turn 6♣ and river 2♦ holds Wzorek in the tournament.

Wzorek: A♦ K♥
Stupár: Q♦ Q♣

Board: K♦ 9♦ 7♦ 6♣ 2♦

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Level 5: 1,000 - 2,000 / 2,000, avg. 120,588, ent.: 68/82

17:55 Multiway all in

After limp Jarosz raises to 6k that called Pošivák and Morimoto. Stelmach from sb moves all in 46k, after folds Jarosz rejams 86k, Pošivák with 30k stack called and after while also Morimoto, who covered everyone, In showdown Stelmach holds AKo, Jarosz 88, Pošivák 7♦ 5♦ and Morimoto AJo. Flop brings combodraw for Pošivák, but set of Jarosz, who wins this big hand after blank runout.

Jarosz: 88
Stelmach: AKo
Morimoto: AJo
Pošivák: 7♦ 5♦

Board: 9♠ 8♦ 4♦ 3♥ J♥

17:45 Sloma doubles up

Happy opens to 3,5k, Sloma 3bets to 8,8k and Happy jams 79k effective that Sloma called with pocket jacks. Happy holds AKo, but numerical board doubles Sloma´s stack.

Sloma: JJ
Happy: AKo

Board: T-7-6-T-6

17:33 3-way all in

Illes starts the game with raise and after call by Szilagyi, Mazurek 3bets to 13k. Illes called and Szilagyi moves all in 80k. Mazurek rejams 111k effective that Illes after while called and shows A♠ Q♠. Mazurek holds JJ and Szilagyi 99. Flop K♦ 8♠ 4♠ brings flushdraw for Illes, Turn Q♥ gives him a lead and after A♦ on the river takes big pot and Szilagyi needs to use reentry.

Szilagyi: 99
Mazurek: JJ
Illes: A♠ Q♠

Board: K♦ 8♠ 4♠ Q♥ A♦

Level 4: 800 - 1,600 / 1,600, avg. 106,154, ent.: 65/69

17:17 Slowik takes on the flop

Salamon starts the game with 2,5k raise from HJ, Slowik from the button called and after another call, Ondkanin 3bets from bb to 11,5k that called Salamon with Slowik. Flop 9♦ 8♦ 7♣ cbets Ondkanin 7k, Salamon raises to 21k and Slowik jams approx 100k. Ondkanin folds and also Salamon 9♣, Slowik shows J♦ 6♦ and takes pot.


17:05 Renecki hits on the river

Renecki ended up in preflop all in for 38k with combination A♣ J♥ and needs to hit board against 99 under Szilagyi´s hand. Flop K♦ Q♥ 6♥, brings gutshot for Renecki, turn 3♥ also flushdraw and after T♦ on the river doubles up.

Renecki: A♣ J♥
Szilagyi: 99

Board: K♦ Q♥ 6♥ 3♥ T♦

Level 3: 600 - 1,200 / 1,200, avg. 105,172, ent.: 58/61

16:55 Tamaškovič doubles

After 3k open and 2x call Tamaškovič jams 28,1k from bb that called Panek with A♥ 3♥. However Tamaškovič holds A♠ Q♠ so Panek needs to hit 3outs. Flop 7-5-4 brings more outs for him, but turn J and also river T doubles Tamaškovič´s stack.

Tamaškovič: AQs
Panek: A3s

Board: 7-5-4-J-T

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16:40 Bad timing

25k was the prize to see the flop A-K-7, where was Meszáros in game against Slowik. Meszáros cbets 15k nad Slowik from bb decides for check raise to 42k that Meszáros pays. Turn 8 was checked and on the river K after minute Slowik moves all in 38k that Meszáros snaps and shows AKo. Slowik shows 55 under his hand and went for reentry.

Slowik: 55
Meszáros: AKo

Board: A-K-7-8-K

Level 2: 500 - 1,000 / 1,000, avg. 102,128, ent.: 47/48

16:25 Nice pot for Kosla

Three players were on the turn 8♦ 5♣ 2♥ 5♥, where action was made. Kosla bets 5,2k, Mazurek in position raises to 16k that called Illes and also Kosla. River 4♣ Illes decides for lead 25,5k that only Kosla called. In showdown Illes holds 33, but Kosla A5o who takes this pot.

16:07 Early seat open

Mazurek raises from utg and Grinder with bb joined the game. Flop A♣ 8♣ 3♥ cbets Mazurek 2,5k and Grinder raises to 7k that gets called. Turn 3♠ slows the action and on the river Q♣ bets Mazurek 5,5k. Grinder raises to 30k and Mazurek after while moves all in that Grinder snaps and shows 88, but Mazurek holds AA under his hand and Grinder needs to use early reentry.

Grinder: 88
Mazurek: AA

Board: A♣ 8♣ 3♥ 3♠ Q♣

16:05 From the beginning...

Gorz, Mazurek, Meszáros, Renecki, Szilagyi and many others.

16:00 Tournament started!

May edition of Kosice Weekend just started! Watch the live report who´s gonna be the champion.

Level 1: 500 - 1,000 / 1,000, avg. 100,000, ent.: 22/22

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